Finn LeBlanc
Finn leblanc










Trevor LeBlanc (adoptive father) Roxy LeBlanc (mother) TJ LeBlanc (brother) Wyatt LeBlanc (half-brother) Drew LeBlanc (half-brother) Marta (grand-mother)

Finn LeBlanc is Roxy's youngest son. He was portrayed by John White, Jr.


Finn LeBlanc is the son of Roxy LeBlanc and Whit, a childhood friend of Roxy's from Tuscaloosa who she eventually left after deciding he was not "marriage material". Finn is exceptionally gifted and was transferred to a private school more befitting him after it was revealed that he was too distracted in regular classes. He tends to be more quiet and cerebral than his brother TJ.

Both Finn and TJ were legally adopted by Trevor LeBlanc when he married Roxy. Being adopted himself, Trevor wanted to give both boys a stable home life and bonded with both of them. Finn even started calling him "dad." He enjoys hanging out with Trevor and learning from him, although Trevor's deployments are usually difficult for both the boys. Finn and TJ are also friends with Lucas and Katie Moran (Pamela and Chase's children) and David Burton (Roland and Joan's adopted son).

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