Amanda Joy Holden

Kim Allen as Amanda Joy
First Appearances A Tribe is Born
Created by
Portrayed by Kim Allen
Character Information
Full name Amanda Joy Holden
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None
Parents Claudia Joy Holden
Michael Holden
Children None
Relatives Emmalin Holden (sister)

Amanda Joy Holden is the daughter of Claudia Joy Holden and Brigadier General Michael Holden.

She is the oldest daughter of the couple. She is known to go to a private high school which is possibly a boarding school, not on post. She is portrayed by actress, Kim Allen. On the show, she began a romance with Jeremy Sherwood, Denise's son, but it ended once she was about to attend college. She was critically injured during the bombing in the first season finale, and didn't survive. She had plans to attend University of Virginia and major in political science.